Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Tummy Tuck Device ...No Surgery Required

Men and women don't put yourself and your family and friends through surgery when you can have great results without a tummy tuck surgery at a fraction of the cost. Want to see real people with real results. Click here to watch a slide show of some of my satisfied customers that will knock your socks off or better yet your waist size off! It's about enjoying life-the VLife! These are some of my satisfied customers. They combine Ardyss International reshaping garments with Ardyss nutritional products. It's a must have combo. Do you want a smaller waist in just a few minutes. I guarantee you will look better in your clothes in minutes. Which means you will feel better. Which increases your self esteem. You can have a flatter tummy instantly. A Reshaping Transformation! Look great everyday or just for that special event. It doesn't matter what size you are because everyone wants to look and feel better NOW!

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By Jeanna Thompson "Monster mama" (Austin, Texas United States) - I have tried many, many shapers out there, including all the top brands. This is by far, the best brand I have ever tried. Not only is it comfortable, but makes me feel confident again! My clothes look great on me, and this one has several added benefits that other ultra firm/firm shapers I have tried do not. It really does help my posture a great deal(something I have struggled with since high school, I am 42), and my back feels so good in it! This truly does give great back support, which is only enhanced by good posture. It slims all my not so slim areas, and instantly I feel good all over. My abs and back have never been the same, since I delivered my son by way of an emergency c-section, 5 years ago, despite my extremely active, (intense exercise, strength training and cardio, regularly) lifestyle. This Ardyss shaper not only makes me feel more confident, but physically good. Another huge benefit for me, is it slims the area that all the others I've tried seem to overlook, or do not provide enough support in-the lovehandle area. Although this garmet is pricey, the construction of it is amazingly sturdy, so I know it will last a long time with proper care. Lauren Silva is the best company to buy this brand from, in fact, the only one I know that carries the line. You must pay attention to the size chart, and make sure you get the correct size. I absolutely love this product, and will buy more of it and another style, as soon as I can afford it. Extremely well worth it.Source:

These garments were designed by an Orthopedic surgeon for Ardyss International. Ardyss has been in business for almost 20 years. However, they are new to the US market. They are a health and wellness network marketing company that pays Independent Distributors very well!The garments they make are medically safe garments for men and women. That explains why Chiropractors, Gastrointestinal, OB/GYN and other medical professionals are recommending these reshaping garments and nutritional products to their male and female patients.Not only are the physcians recommending Ardyss products they are Independent Distributors too!

I wear my reshaping garment to help me not over eat because it compresses my internal organs. That compression causes thermogenesis which speeds up my metabolism. It also provides back support which feels really good. This garment is very comfortable. So comfortable some sleep in it.
Women: There are so many good garments it's hard to name them all. Here is a list of some of the most popular garments.
1.Body Magic - designed to reshape your lower body. It redistribute some of your irregularities to a more desirable area. It lifts the buttocks, corrects posture, lifts breast and reduce waist size.
2.Angel Bra -molds the breasts to either equalize, increase or decrease the appearance of your breast size, ideal for those involved in sports and helps alleviate premenstrual tenderness. 3.Panty Reshaper - shapes and tone up your buttocks. Provides excellent support for the buttocks, encouraging the proper shaping, positioning and sizing of that area. Provides perfectly shaped buttocks.
4. Vest Vedette - eliminates the appearance of extra weight in the back and the waist. It complements other reshaping garments. Through activation of the sweat glands, it helps burn fat. This vest is ideal for use with the Ardyss Trimming Gel.

You must click here to see a list of all of products: Reshaping Garments, Nutritional, Personal Care and Cosmetics.

Men: There are 3 types of T-Shirts they are the: Men's Abdomen T-shirt, Lumbo Care and Corsy Men

There are 10 Reasons why men should purchase these T-shirts:
1. Designed to give firm abdominal support and reinforces the lower back.
2.It helps to protect the spine from backaches and muscular fatigue.
3.Stimulates muscular toning in the abdomen.
4.Can reduce waist up to 2 sizes. (you saw this T-shirt in the slide show)
5.By the use of special material in the garment, the muscles in the abdomen experience a rise in temperature, helping to burn fat, and helping internal organs function better!
6.Designed specifically to prevent and correct annoying pains in the lower back.
7.It protects the spine.
8.The belt compacts the abdomen and improves positioning and shape.
9.The design and method of applying pressure makes the back more resistant to new pain and trauma.
10.It is scientifically designed to protect the spine and provides an effective method for reducing pain. These T-shirts are a must have for every man.

*Make sure and calculate your size by click on the "Calculate your correct size" link posted on every reshaping garment page.

This is a great business opportunity too. Men and women can make money in this business. Men mostly target barbers, personal trainers, truck drivers, police/security officers, construction workers and many others who experience back trouble or who just want to look better in their clothes. If Michael Jordan can sell T-shirts and underwear why can't you. Men also sell to women. Men often can sell to a woman quicker than a woman. We all know how that goes.

We can all benefit from multiple streams of income so don't let this opportunity pass you by. These days you can start your own business quicker than you can find a new job. Don't wait. What does it cost you to check into it. I can tell you it is the most lucrative and easy network marketing company in the industry. The products sell themselves. Can you name at least 10 people who would like to look and feel better in minutes. It's that easy.
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